Telenet, a major cable company in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, started upgrading its entire HFC network to a 1GHz bandwidth. This upgrade has been given the project name ‘Project XXL’. With this investment Telenet wants to strengthen its position as a reliable and preferred supplier of broadband services.

In the next 2.5 years Telenet will convert all nodes (better known to us as districts) to the 1GHz concept with Project XXL. The implementation is outsourced to four companies. We at CIAG Ltd. are fortunate to have been assigned the task ‘Quality and Control’, which we will carry out together with a second selected party, Teleste. The distribution of the audit work is done geographically, therefore we will mainly carry out work in the provinces of Antwerp and East Flanders. The exact breakdown is shown below.

We at CIAG B.V. conduct the quality and safety checks within Project XXL, both during implementation and after completion of the conversion of the HFC network. The objective is to provide a substantial contribution to the realization of the upgrade based on partnership with Telenet, selected executive contractors and Quality and Control partners.

At present, the project team is being appointed and soon the first project staff will follow a training at Telenet, provided by the training company Klict. This XXL-assembly training equals the training followed by the mechanics of parties tasked with implementation. Therefore, all project staff will possess the same knowledge and training, among them the ​​regulations in force.

The first audit activities carried out by us at CIAG Ltd. will start in mid-August and will continue until the end of 2017. A very nice challenge for us! During Project XXL we will provide more information about the content and progress.