Commissioned by Ziggo we at CIAG Ltd. are preparing the relocation of an RC (Regional Centre). The RC is a node in Amsterdam, where several fibre optic cables with many (important) connections converge. To ensure minimal disruption for Ziggo clients the migration of these connections to a new location must be very well prepared, especially given the complexity of the connections and the relationships between different cables and the logical connections.

We at CIAG B.V. will handle the laying of pipes and fibre optic cables to the new RC and will ready them to be able to take over the existing cables one at a time. To ensure Ziggo customers experience minimal disruption these take-overs will take place in the Service Window from 01:00 AM to 06:00 AM. The actuation of the new connections will happen in collaboration with Field Engineers from Ziggo after completion of the welding. We at CIAG Ltd. are a strategic partner of Ziggo and consider this project an endorsement of our close cooperation.

In order to allow for this migration, we at CIAG Ltd. will approximately blow 53,000 meters of new fibre optic cable into existing and newly constructed HDPE pipes. Around 6.5 km must be dug for the new HDPE pipes, for which we will provide the necessary permits from the various agencies. Also, a new directional drilling will be realized underneath the Amstel. At the new LC (Local Centre), a total of 1728 fibres will be finished on Optical Distribution Frames. In order to route the connections the same number of fibres will have to be welded to the existing connections during a night-time operation.