Commissioned by Ziggo we at CIAG Ltd. are making the necessary preparations for the migration of the fibre infrastructure in the municipality of Alkmaar. Due to redevelopment of the site at the Helderseweg Ziggo has to leave the current RC (Regional Centre). In preparation Ziggo has decided on building a new RC with more capacity and floor space on a different location, namely the Saffierstraat on the other side of the municipality of Alkmaar.

On our advice Ziggo has decided to make full use of existing infrastructure, whereby HDPE pipes, which were built by the municipality of Alkmaar, were taken over by Ziggo. Furthermore, mini-duct and mini fibre optic cables were blown in HDPE pipes of Ziggo, which were then blown in already existing fibre optic cables of Ziggo. This reduced excavation work to a minimum.

From the new RC we at CIAG Ltd. have blown seven new fibre optic cables in existing and new underground hand holes to take over the existing cables to the new RC, which ran to the old RC. Also, two new fibre optic links have been built between the old and new RC build, so-called core cables, where the existing connections can initially be routed from the old location to the new location.

After Ziggo has converted the connections from the old to the new RC, the next step will be to weld the existing optical fibre cable in the hand holes onto the newly laid fibre optic cables to the new RC by our fibre welders. To minimize inconvenience to Ziggo customers this work will be done at night.