Corporate social responsibility

It is increasingly important for businesses to provide in the need to make community involvement and sustainable social development concrete, objective and verifiable. For several years, we at CIAG Ltd. have been consciously working on this, as a result of which we are very economical with renewable energy. We direct our attention to the future. Our focus is on people, the environment and society.

With the requirements and certification standard for CSR we provide in the need to make the social involvement and sustainable development in our policy concrete, objective and verifiable. The CSR is interwoven with all our activities: from isolated buildings, optimal logistics planning and sorted waste disposal to LED lighting. For example, we have recently taken the next step in CSR thinking and acting, and replaced all the old fluorescent tubes in our branch in Noord-Holland with LED panel lights. The highly efficient LED panels provide a uniform light distribution over the entire desk surface, which benefits our peers and contributes to the quality of work and the environment.