We at CIAG Ltd. provide our clients with the design and implementation of telecommunication networks. We can assist you by applying for permits, conducting the complete engineering, civil construction and the complete project management in the process of building telecommunication networks. We offer our services in the highest possible quality at affordable and competitive prices. At CIAG Ltd. we think and work from the customer’s perspective. Your experiences form the basis of our actions. We are independent and flexible, and have a lean organisation structure which ensures us to act quickly and decisively.


In our fast-changing world new technologies emerge in rapid succession. This is especially true for the telecommunications industry. Due to increasing demands on the infrastructure a correct design and a thorough realization of your telecom project is becoming more and more crucial for the success of your business.
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Health care

Healthcare institutions see a growing demand among their residents for new interactive services such as Internet, telephony and digital television (in HD quality). The increasing number of residents and changing needs play a major role in this transition. The question is whether it is possible to meet these demands with your current network or whether you may need to upgrade first.
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Among our clients at CIAG Ltd. are several leisure parks and hotels. A chalet or hotel room without Internet, telephony and digital TV (in HD quality) is pretty much unthinkable to any visitor nowadays. For you as an entrepreneur it is therefore crucial to ensure that your individual cottages and rooms have these new interactive services available.
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Network infrastructure

Through a strategic partnership we at CIAG Ltd. entered a long-term agreement with Ziggo, and the combination of this provider with UPC, through which we may call ourselves preferred supplier. The parties to this agreement are actively engaged in continuous optimization of the entire process, whereby we create an added value through proactive involvement.
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Optical fibre engineering

An (economically) important fibre project calls for a large-scale approach. For you as a municipality, network administrator, or business its realization, however, concerns an unusual undertaking, which requires a major effort. Especially if your employees are having difficulties carrying out the requested activities because of a lack of expertise or a heavy workload. Perhaps you are fearful of disturbances, exceeding the working hours and other unforeseen problems.
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In order to effectively respond to changes in the market and to bring in the expertise needed for the implementation of special projects, it is important to have a flexible workforce. By deploying temporary staff it is also possible to react flexibly to illness and leave, and surges in workload.
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About us

Founded in 2005 the Communications Infrastructure Advisory Group combines expertise with decades of experience in the telecom sector. This has resulted in a strong and innovative company. For years we have shown a significant growth and have succeeded in strengthening our market position, therefore we have already worked major players such as Ziggo, UPC, KPN, Relined, Reggefiber and Enexis.
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Corporate social responsibility

It is increasingly important for businesses to provide in the need to make community involvement and sustainable social development concrete, objective and verifiable. For several years, we at CIAG Ltd. have been consciously working on this, as a result of which we are very economical with renewable energy. We direct our attention to the future. Our focus is on people, the environment and society.
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Quality / SCC

CIAG Ltd. is a technical service provider which specialises in the design of telecom networks. In addition to our focus on service and expertise we also consider safety, health and the environment of great importance to our conduct of business. CIAG Ltd. features an integrated Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (SCC **) and has been certified since January 1, 2009.
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Werken bij CIAG

Without growth, no progress. That goes for CIAG Ltd. and for you. We offer you the opportunity to develop your skills within your own discipline as well as in other areas. You get the opportunity to expand your talents and realize your ambitions. We facilitate you as well as possible and provide help where we can. Be creative and excel in that which is your strength.

Recent projects

Since our founding in 2005 we at CIAG Ltd. have realized many projects in the area of telecommunications infrastructure. For example, we built the fibre optic network of the Ziggo Dome concert hall, and the connections of the Royal Palace and the Ministry of Defence. We proudly present some of our most recent projects.

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